Vitamins and minerals are found in absolutely all foods and drinks. We know how important it is to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. If you are not a vegetarian or vegan, then you can opt for lean meats, eggs and milk. Make sure that your food contains the following 5 elements:

Bananas have good properties. However, there are a few facts that make this fruit less attractive. They should be avoided by people who are trying to lose weight. Also, bananas are said to be bad for people suffering from heart issues.

Avocados have been eaten by people for many centuries. This food is known all around the globe. It is more popular than any other fruit or vegetable. We love it for its numerous health benefits.

Do you still believe that if you are an old person, it means that your joints are bad, you are suffering from various pains in your back and your whole body is weak and helpless?

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