It would be interesting to read people’s minds to find out what they think about you. Unfortunately, there is no such superpower and we can only guess what someone feels for us. Luckily, there are a few signs that you may notice if you stay attentive.

We follow too many rules. This applies to our relationships and personal life. Some of the rules can be avoided. If you feel that there is no freedom in the partnership, simplify a few things and make your life more comfortable and satisfying.

Girls make mistakes and do not realize that those things turn men off. Avoid them and your relationships with guys will be more successful.

Speed dating is great if you want to make friends and find someone special. Be more open-minded and try it out to see if that’s your cup of tea. Use our tips to make your first speed dating experience successful.

You can feel and see when your relationship is falling apart. Most people deny it since it’s a very painful experience. No one wants to admit that they are about to part from each other.

There are a few common tricks that ladies use on males when they wish to make their dates or partners more interested in them. They are effective enough and you can use them too.

Get ready for a negative outcome and then you will easier survive the collapse of your relationship. It will not be painless, but at least it will not kill you.

Let us present you something you may have never heard of. It’s interpersonal neurobiology – an area that can teach you to improve your relationships.

We are looking for our perfect match and hope to find the right kind of person to send our life with. Here are a few things that can tell whether your relationship is happy and stable enough:

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